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Support for the homeless in the Mt Washington Area

Individualized personal care for each client

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The homeless are invisible but they are all around us.

Way Station

Mission Statement:

The Way Station supports homeless and housing-insecure populations of the Mt. Washington Valley area.

Our Vision Statement:

Support the homeless and housing-insecure population by sustaining an adaptive organization to advocate for each client’s future situation while providing mitigation of present struggles leading to greater quality of life.

Our Values

Our organization seeks to be:

  • Compassionate and non-judging: recognition of dignity and value of each human’s life
  • Responsive and adaptive: innovative and flexible approach to meeting client needs
  • Empowering people to find their own path: supporting people’s choices and independence
  • Transparency and accountability: communication with clients, personnel, supporters and service providers
  • Trust-building: developing connections of integrity with clients and service providers
  • Teamwork: Use a collaborative and communicative approach